The vibrant and cheerful flowers in our Celebration of Life casket spray serve as an unforgettably beautiful tribute to a loved one who has passed and a comfort to those who remain. It expresses your sincerest condolences with a gorgeous mix of blooms, which includes bright sunflowers, exotic orchids, rainbow roses, rainbow and solid-hued disbuds and lovely LA lilies. Billy buttons, tropical foliage, twisted willow and winding dodda vine are featured as eye-catching accents.

Consists of:
6 x Stems Billy Button
3 x Stems Sunflowers
3 x Stems Orchid vanda
3 x Stems Chrysanthemums
3 x Stems Rainbow Disbud
2 x Stems LA Lilies
1 x Stems Trop Tops
1 x Stems Dodda Vine
1 x Stems Twisted Willow

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 50cm
Height: 25cm

For when you don't mind which colour and you're happy to leave it to the experts. Your florist will choose their favourite colours of the day.


Sorry, this item is not currently available to order

Customers who recently bought Celebration Of Life said:

I would like to compliment Jess for the great job she did, as this was my 1st time sending flowers anywhere.
She helped from the beginning to the end much appreciated and very grateful.

customer rating overall service
10 / 10
Justine, 13 August 2019