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Capturing raw, untamed beauty, our Wild Nature arrangement combines the best of Australia's local flora with a few classic favourites to make your recipient's day a special one indeed! Artfully assembled in a vintage-style hatbox, it showcases a stunning collection of native blooms, spikes of dainty snapdragons and bold Oriental lilies, accompanied by gum and magnolia stems, twisted willow and verdant tropical leaves.

Consists of:
5 x Stems Snapdragons
3 x Stems Oriental Lilies
1 x Bunches Natives
1 x Stems Tropical Leaf
1 x Stems Twisted Willow
1 x Stems Magnolia Foliage
1 x Stems Crenuleta Gum

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 60cm
Height: 90cm


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Customers who recently bought Wild Nature said:

I ordered from Denmark and it was so easy to find out the right flowers and the order prices. It was nice to get an email with the information that the flowers were delivered and when and how! Has been a good experience! I will do it again another time! Thank you!

customer rating overall service
10 / 10
Barbara, 03 November 2017