A unique and verdant gift for any and every occasion, our With Open Arms mason jar arrangement embraces the green and white theme to absolute perfection! It stars three heads of beautiful, creamy-centred kale surrounded by pretty camellia blossoms, elegant roses, lovely leucadendrons, a dramatic monstera leaf and plenty of native gum branches. The mason jar itself is encircled with winding dodda vine, adding an earthy vibe to the beautiful design.

Consists of:
3 x Stems Crenuleta Gum
3 x Stems Leucadendron
3 x Stems Roses
3 x Stems Kale
2 x Stems Camelia
1 x Stems Tropical Leaf
1 x Stems Monsteria Leaves
1 x Stems Dodda Vine

For when you don't mind which colour and you're happy to leave it to the experts. Your florist will choose their favourite colours of the day.


Sorry, this item is not currently available to order