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Make a grand gesture on this extra-special occasion with our absolutely breathtaking Drama Queen arrangement! Artfully presented in a tapered ceramic container, this showy display features gorgeous rose lilies, pretty disbuds, slender gladioli, delicate spray roses and exotic orchids accented with a variety of bold tropical foliage, moss and earthy twisted willow branches. Mixed amongst the beautiful blossoms are 30 decadent chocolate hearts – a sweet surprise indeed!

Consists of:
15 x Stems Chocolate Hearts
5 x Stems Rose Lily
5 x Stems Orchids
3 x Stems Roses (spray)
3 x Stems Disbuds
3 x Stems Gladioli
2 x Stems Happy Leaves
2 x Stems Monsteria Leaves
2 x Stems Twisted Willow
1 x Stems Moss


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