Such a dreamy arrangement, Impressionism takes its inspiration from Monet's iconic series of water lily paintings. It's sure to captivate your special recipient with its single anthurium, sweet spray roses, spiky sea holly and hypericum berries. Feathery peppercorn and ivy berry foliage, as well as a tropical monstera leaf, bring a lush finish to the design.

Consists of:
2 x Stems Roses (spray)
2 x Stems Viburnum
2 x Stems Sea Holly
1 x Stems Monsteria Leaf
1 x Stems Peppercorn Berries
1 x Stems Antheriums
1 x Stems Hypericum

For when you don't mind which colour and you're happy to leave it to the experts. Your florist will choose their favourite colours of the day.

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