A tribute so tender, our Pure of Heart Wreath sweetly honours the passing of a beloved life with precious petals in soft ivory, crisp white and fresh green. It showcases groupings of unique anthuriums, elegant roses, lovely LA lilies and gorgeous orchids large and small, along with accents of velvety silver suede, earthy moss and winding dodda vine.

Consists of:
11 x Stems Roses
6 x Stems Dusty Miller
5 x Stems Orchids
3 x Stems Cymbidium flower
2 x Stems LA Lilies
2 x Stems Moss
2 x Stems Dodda Vine
2 x Stems Antheriums

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 40cm
Height: 40cm

For when you don't mind which colour and you're happy to leave it to the experts. Your florist will choose their favourite colours of the day.

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